The Quest (7)

It was a new week. I grabbed my clothes while I tried multitasking by taking a spoonful of my breakfast of rice and fish stew alongside. I was running late again. I could as well give up on my self-development plans and agree I was a perpetual latecomer.
I skimmed through my Chm 102 notebook—after my experience with Prof Oshin’s first class where we wrote two tests, I had learn to go to every class prepared for an impromptu test. Well, that was whenever I was really late already.
“When next are we doing TDB?” Sandra asked, her voice was gruff as a result of a bread-stuffing.

She was trying to multitask too.

I didn’t know which bothered me more: what we did, which I had been trying to forget or Sandra’s hope for a repetition. Did she really not think there was something wrong with sleeping in male hostel?
Not this morning. I was determined not to allow my morning be ruined.

I didn’t answer until I was ready to leave.

“I don’t know. I’m off to class.” I said, walking out of the room.
I knew that was Ifeanyi’s voice.
He walked up to me and we chatted about the events of the last week. He said the other boys really enjoyed our company and were surprised to know there were still decent girls like us.
“Decent girls that sleep over in boys’ rooms. Decent indeed!” I scoffed in my mind.
The discussion evolved into one about God and Christianity, to my amazement–this was the first time we were broaching the topic of God. He told me how much it was good to serve God as a student and the related rhetoric of Christianity.

My surprise made me inquire about the fellowship he attended. He invited me over but I declined on the note that I had a fellowship I was attending already. And we departed for our various seats.

Our conversation kept running through my mind through the lecture leaving me vacillating over wonder, excitement and fear. How could a boy that I know to be “unchristian” in the way I knew Christianity, talk to me about God? I was excited. This could be the kind of friend I needed after all—a bridge between the two seemingly immiscible worlds. Yet, I was afraid

something in the pit of my loins felt queasy about it all.
The next week had myself and Ifeanyi planning another TDB reading session. Just like the last time, we ended up having it in his room, but this time, I was the only lady because Sandra went home. My friendship with Ifeanyi blossomed over the weeks that followed. We became so attached to each other that it became difficult to defend our ‘mere friends’ rhetorics to my girlfriends. I really liked him and I came to love him daily. Seeing his name on my phone was enough to give me a butterfly-filled belly. And He didn’t hide his affections for me also.

But he never asked me out.

With every passing day, I became more certain I wasn’t ready to let off this new relationship—even though I couldn’t officially call it that. My quest to know God has to find a way of accommodating this one. At least, compared to Dare, I can still call Ifeanyi a ‘Christian’.
“What if I could find a way of merging the two? Combine my love for Ifeanyi and my desire to know God in one quest.” I thought to myself one day as I read.
I smiled because I knew what to do. I picked my phone and typed Ifeanyi’s number—I already knew it offhand.
“Hello Ifeanyi. When does your fellowship meet on Sundays? I think I will like to come around.”
“Wow! That’s good. I am so excited!” Ifeanyi’s voice soared “We meet at 3pm every Sunday. Don’t worry. I will come and meet you in your hostel tomorrow by 2pm so we can go together.”
“Alright then. Thanks. See you tomorrow.”
How should we handle changes in our brethren? Click pm the image to read a story of Sister Seyi, a one-time Sisters’ Coordinator
I ended the call and held my phone in a grip against my chin. A stroke of content swarm through my heart and roused a smile, a full smile that spread from my one cheek to the other.

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