The Quest (11)

When I saw Ifeanyi in AGY class two weeks later, the scene of the night we kissed flashed through my memory and my heart skipped a little—just like it usually happened whenever I saw him after the day I gave my life to the Lord all over again. He was walking towards me.
“Esther, how are you?”
“I’m good and you?” My tone laid at the borderline between official and informal.
We exchanged other pleasantries and I found an excuse to leave. I didn’t know how to perfectly relate with him as a colleague yet. I was always either too cold or too scared.
I had now become more committed at Triumphant People’s Campus Fellowship. I had started taking the Foundational Bible Class (FBC). My teacher, Sister Fola, was a dark beautiful sister, with a round shape. I usually catch a particular chocolate-skinned brother staring at her whenever he stood around her in service. Even though it was none of my business—I always thought I saw something in his eyes when he looked at her. Something so strange, yet quite familiar.
The topics in our FBC manual ranged from salvation to prayer to giving to service in the Lord and a host of other topics. They were ten in hall. I particularly enjoyed the study on the Holy Spirit. It was one of the most interactive bible study classes I had ever been to. Sister Fola asked that we all tell the class who the Holy Spirit was to us individually. She said we shouldn’t just say what the bible said about Him, but who we truly though He was.
I was dumbfounded at Ezechukwu’s response.
“The Holy Spirit is the person who always wants me to do the things I don’t want to do.” He had said, with a straight face.
Even though I did not really have a personal knowledge of who the Holy Spirit was, I had always known the things I should say about Him were supposed to be good. That was the rule. How dare Eze speak about the Holy Spirit like He was an impostor?
But wasn’t the Holy Spirit really an impostor? I knew I wasn’t ready to search for the answer to that question, lying deep within my heart. The most important thing was that no one speaks against the Holy Spirit—that was what my Dad said. I remembered Grandma once said whoever spoke against the Holy Spirit would be slapped by Him.
I gave a rehearsed answer when it was my turn. The Holy Spirit is the person who leads me and guides me as a child of God. My several years of experience of being a pastor’s daughter surrounded with more than enough biblical talks, aided in giving the answer the right tone, the right facial expression plus the appropriate quantity of smile. I had no doubt it was perfectly believable. The cup of that soul-searching question must pass over me.
Are you just joining us on this train? Click on this image to start the story from the very beginning.
Sister Fola eventually spoke about who the Holy Spirit should be to us. She said it was impossible to run the Christian race without Him. I had heard almost everything she said before, but there was something about her own words that made them sound authoritative and undeniable. I couldn’t throw them into the recess of my mind like I usually do in most of the bible studies I attended when I was growing up.
She furthered spoke about the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. She said it was a gift Jesus gave us, and was necessary for us as believers. For us to receive the baptism, she said we just needed to ask God for it. I almost laughed out loud when she said so.
Just ask God for it? She must be joking.
As far as I was concerned, the baptism of the Holy Spirit could only come upon someone when an anointed person laid hands on the person, or in an anointing service.
During the prayer session, she told us to ask God for the baptism of the Holy Ghost if we haven’t received it. I was reluctant at first, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try. I mumbled some few sentences to God about it. I was actually surprised to find those words came straight from my soul.
I was having my morning devotion the following day when I suddenly noticed I could not speak. No, it wasn’t that I could not try to make sounds—rather, it was that no sounds was produced even though the organs that formed my oral cavity were moving as they should.
For some seconds, I thought I had become dumb.
Wasn’t that wonderful? Just when I began to clear my life of the things that have held me back from God, I became dumb! That was all I got in return for all my quest!
I then noticed I couldn’t also leave my prayer place. Nothing was holding me down but I just couldn’t leave. All of a sudden, my voice broke free, but I didn’t understand what I was saying.
“Ma-ra-shin-to-ko-sa-ri-ya…” The strange words broke out slowly.
What was I saying? I tried to stop but I couldn’t. My mind was working perfectly and I could hear my thoughts. They were in plain English. I just couldn’t say them out at my will. Every word that proceeded from my mouth was strange.
It was then the waves of memories hit me: Sister Fola. FBC class of the previous day. If you want to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, you can just ask God for it. I asked!
What if God chooses you to be the custodian for someone else, what you have been asking him for? Click the image to read a retelling of Sarah’s story.
After a while of uttering the strange language, I was able to speak English again.
I laid down on the floor of my room, closed my eyes, wondering what kind of prayer-answering God this was.
Hey people!

Happy new week.

I think some people may wonder at how simply Esther received the Holy Spirit, as portrayed in this episode of the story. If you are in this category, I want you to know the description above was exactly my own experience. I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit right beside my bed, all of a sudden, a day after we had a study on the Holy Spirit in the Basic Bible Class (BBC) of my undergraduate fellowship, where my teacher told me I could ask God for the baptism myself.
If you desire this Gift, I can confidently tell you to ask God. If He gave me that simply, He could do the same for you.
Also, if you would like to share your Holy Ghost baptism experience, please use the comment section. Thanks again for following this story.

Also, I’m on my way to some interior parts of Oyo state for my MSc field work. Join me in prayers that the network would be good enough for me to post through the week. Lol!😀


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  1. Omolabake says:

    The network will be good in the name of Jesus!

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  2. Nice Work Toyin. I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit a day after I gave my life to Christ. Funny thing was I wasn’t even asking. I was just this 15 year old girl hungry for God. So as I was in the place of worship, I found myself speaking this strange language as I called it at the time. I couldn’t stop it, it was like it just flowed with the worship. I was excited and scared at the same time. So after the meeting, I went to meet my mentor and told him my experience, it was him who confirmed that I just received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I needed to hear that because the devil was already suggesting to me that I’m making it up and hence committing the unpardonable sin against the Holy Spirit so I should stop. Lol.

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    1. Unpardonable sin! Lol😀😀. The devil thrives in our ignorance. Thank God for you!


  3. HADASSAH says:

    I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit at a joint Christian fellowship during my undergraduate days and amazily I couldn’t alter a single word to anyone after service, even till I got to my hostel


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