The Quest (15)

“Sister Esther of God, how are you doing?” Bro Kayode, the BSS of TBCF asked me, after the Sunday service.
I was first of all taken aback. He knew my name?
“I’m fine, sir.”

I said, with a smiles that is meant for my discussions with Christian leaders.

“Everybody is always fine.”
I laughed. I knew where these kind of discussions usually go. It was those kind of discussion where a ‘senior’ in faith comes to poke a stick into the life of a ‘junior’ in faith. I wasn’t interested today. Having missed having ‘real’ quiet times most of the days of the concluded week, it simply wasn’t a good time for that kind of discussion. If I was on ‘fire for the Lord’ like Bro Femi, our prayer secretary always called it, I would have loved to have the discussion.
“Sister Esther. You are just smiling. You are not saying anything.”
Why is he calling me sister Esther?
“My name is Esther, sir.”
After he realised there was no way he was getting any deep details about myself from me that evening, he invited to a bible study meeting he said he was having with some selected freshmen like myself the next evening. I wondered what the selection criteria was.
I had thought the criteria was ‘spiritual unseriousness’ until I got to the meeting and found a number of my colleagues who held key positions in TFC were also present.
The meeting started with some prayers. Bro Kayode led us. I was already feeling tired when the prayer was not ending in ten minutes. After about twenty minutes of Bro Kayode asking the Holy Spirit to open His words to us, we sat down for the study.
Bro Kayode said we were studying the life of Daniel and we would go as far as we could in Chapter one.
I wondered why he said ‘we would go as far as we could’. Was it not just Chapter 1? With 21 verses? How long does one take to finish that?
He requested we all read the chapter together, with each person reading aloud one verse consecutively. Our sitting was in a circle. We were seven so each of us ended up reading three verses altogether.
After we were done with the first reading, he then asked us to say something about any verse that stood out for us.
Seyi, the vice-president of TFC said she noticed verse 2 in her KJV bible said the Lord gave Jehoiakim king of Judah into hands of Nebuchadnezzar, and not that Nebuchadnezzar defeated Jehoiakim.
I was wondering what the difference was when her voice broke through my thoughts:
“It looks like that means Nebuchadnezzar could not have defeated Jehoiakim if God didn’t allow it to happen. That means nothing can happen in our life without God’s knowledge. Not even failure.” She said.
I was wowed when I realised that made perfect sense.
Daniel, another TFC member, said he noticed the requirements that Nebuchadnezzar gave for the selection for the people who would serve him at his table, among the Jewish people.
“Nebuchadnezzar requested for princes without good abilities, not just common citizens. That tells us that the enemy always goes after good things. That means if the devil is coming after us on every sides, there is a treasure in us that he is after.” He said.
His words hit me like an hammer. There is a treasure in me? That is why it looks like the devil is always after me?
Iyanu asked what it really meant to purpose in one’s heart like verse 8 said Daniel did. She said she was asking because there had been times she had told herself she wouldn’t do something but she ended up doing it.
We spend the next hour trying to answer that question. Different persons gave different sides to the answer using different verses of the bible for corroboration, and sometimes giving examples of their own experiences.
We had to close the meeting after one and a half hours even though we hadn’t gone past verse 8. I then understood what Bro Kayode meant earlier.
I couldn’t believe we had spent 90 minutes. It was like we had spent just 30 minutes. So the bible could be this interesting? So the bible could be this applicable to my life? So understanding the bible to this kind of extent is not just for leaders and pastors?
We planned to continue the study the following week. When I got home, I was tired from walking down to my hall. But I knew I needed to explore this new experience I have found.
I sat on my bed and was about opening the NIV bible Sandra gave me as my birthday gift when I remembered Bro Kayode made us ask the Holy Spirit to open His words to us before we started the study.
I dropped my bible and closed my eyes.
“Holy Spirit, please open your words to me. Let me understand your words tonight like we all did at the study.”
I stopped for a while and thought of what else to say. When I couldn’t think of anything else. I said amen.
I opened my bible once and I saw Colossians 2. I decided to read that, since I didn’t even have any particular place in mind to read initially.
When I got to verse 6, there was something about it that made me read it again. I didn’t know why, but I couldn’t just past it by.
So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him,
I didn’t know how it happened, but I suddenly realised the place was saying something to me. I read it again.
Just as you have received Christ Jesus as Lord. Just the same way you received. Just the same way I received Christ Jesus the Lord.
How did I receive Jesus?
I remembered the last time I went out for the altar call. I received him by trusting Him to help me be what He wanted me to be, at the very time I wasn’t sure I could be.
Just as you have received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in Him.
That meant I should continue to trust Him that He would help me to be what He wants me to be now that I am living in Him, just as I trusted Him when I received Him as Lord!
I remembered some of the lyrics of “Your Grace is enough for me” song.
It’s not who I am. But who I can be. I know you are working your purpose on me.
That was why Don Moen said that! Now I got it!
I bursted into smiles. I stood and quickly reached for the jotter where I have been writing bible verses. Today, I have something to write. Something worthy to be called a bible study.
This new journey is going to be fun.

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  1. Grace Amiola says:

    Beautiful beautiful beautiful! Thanks you Toyin for allowing yourself to be used of God. I enjoyed every bit of this story.
    One major lesson I learnt is”God is always willing to accept us no matter our past without using it against us and he will always make provision for all our needs even emotional needs”
    Looking forward to more inspiring stories ma’am. God bless you.


    1. Thank you for following all the way, Grace. And thanks for sharing these succinct lessons too. God bless you.


  2. Tosin says:

    All 15 episodes have been really worth my time. I learnt a lot from them. God bless you for sharing these thoughts in writing.


    1. Thanks for following, Tosin!


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